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In Memory of Dr. Bernie Gunther

Bernard Gunther, Ph.D.
was one of the early pioneers at the world renown Esalen Institute where he originated the Esalen Massage. He is the author of many works including Energy Ecstasy and The Enlightenment Tape. Always an innovator, Dr. Gunther has conducted hundreds of workshops throughout the United States, collaborating with Alan Watts, Joseph Campbell, Jack Canfield, and Ram Das. He is currently living in San Diego doing training and counseling with individuals, couples and groups in his latest creation for mind/body/spiritual integration called Aware/apy.

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Dr. Bernard Gunther, PhD.
author of "The Power of Meow"

"What would it feel like
to be utterly relaxed inwardly
not just intellectually
but experientially
to allow every movement to be
a flowing harmony
to breath and feel freely
to move out of the mind bind
and live more completely?"

In this meeting with Dr. Gunther we will explore how our feline friends are great teachers of consciousness and master of awareness. Through simple meaningful meditation we will sense in our own inner space their profound beingness. We will explore playful practical way to return to you cat like nature and to live in the eternal now. Bernie will read from and sign his new book, “The Power of Meow, a joyous celebration his cat Rumi and this four-legged masters powerful useful universal wisdom.

by Dr. Bernard Gunther, PhD.

is my roommate
we've been together
for almost a year
he's half siamese half human
super fur fine white
orange sherbert ears and tail
eyes open wise
licking himself
he intuitively seems to go
to those places
i least want him to be
and he lets me know
when he's hungry
needs attention
when he wants to be groomed
or is going to toss up
a hair ball
or when he wants me
to chase him around the bed
so he can rationalize
hiding under the covers
and taking a long nap
but he comes to me
whenever i call him
if he feels like it
and he only bites me softly
when we play
plus the whole night through
he quietly sleeps next to me
and we
understand love
each other
beyond words
and all in awe
its by far
the very best
intimate relationship
i've ever had


" Soft delicate ocean waves
a cat's tongue
slowly deliciously
over and over lapping

licking up the shore

The Tao of Pooh meets The Power of Now in this playful celebration of the mystical essence and inherent wisdom of our feline comapanions. Renowned spiritual teacher, Bernard Gunther, offers a series of delightful yet practical "awareness reminders" inspired by his cat Rumi.

Captivating two-color photos throughout accompanying Rumi's verse on subjects like love ("true love/is being in love/with the ultimate/source of love") self-esteem ("you don't/have to prove/or improve yourself/all you have to do/is approve/of yourself"), fun ("don't take/the game/ too seriously/stay play/in delight), and many more.

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Paws and Effect
By Bernard Gunther, Ph.D.

“I have known three Zen masters in my life and all of them were cats”
.................Eckhart Tolle

"Life is like a cat
in that
it often doesn’t do
what you want it to
it tests annoys
frustrates fascinates
sometime confuses you
spontaneous demanding
amusing free
life is not your fantasy
it is what’s true
what’s ultimately
good for you
because all and all
it’s your spiritual teacher
your guru"

At this critical now point in our out of balance world it is time to pause, and take stock. To cooperate and learn from nature rather than dominating and abuse our environment. To return to our spiritual essence rather than constantly being overwhelmed by endless desires, greed, suffering, fear, frustration and alienation. To find balance, and sustain the subtle tranquility beyond the drama of continuous mind chatter and emotional intensity. To return to that eternal benign space that is the source of our being.

As a long time student and counselor of spiritual awareness I have observed that animals in general and cats specifically are divine spiritual beings and great teachers of consciousness. Historically cats have been enjoyed, revered and even worshiped. Since ancient time their natural intuitive behavior, magical present and purring peacefulness has been acknowledged and celebrated. We overly conditioned humans can learn a great deal from them. Their behavior exemplifies self awareness, continuous relatedness, and effortless harmonious ease.

Cats live in the kingdom of heaven in the peace that is beyond all understanding. They are the living expression of the dharma; practicing without preaching. Quietly conveying their message through their total presents, behavior and constant meditative focus. Their every step, moment, breath is the flow of natures wholeness. They are awareness in integration; in every action, movement, stillness and in action. Total intelligence and sensitivity beyond thought. intuition without separation, superstition, guilt or inhibition. Original innocence, primal knowingness, pure beingness; they are buddhas of equanimity, exemplifying universal love bliss and harmony.

I find that like all great masters, cats guide by example, through their beingness, as well as how and what they do. So you don’t have to go to elsewhere to find a guru. Zen sitting quietly doing nothing, my cat Rumi exudes quiet calmness contentment. Egoless, without verbal thought, he is totally present, living fully in the eternal now. The perfect integration of yin and yang, accepting and surrendering to his dependence while remaining completely independent. Doing one thing at a time, each graceful step is a delicate awareness dance. Eating with great glee yet remaining utterly finicky. Cleaning himself, savoring every last lick.

Cats are alert sublime meditation in stillness, action and interaction with total satisfaction. Gliding effortlessly through life entirely at ease, moving as slow fast as they please. Relaxed, in neutral, if something catches their attention they can shift in an instant into high or even warp speed. Playful, without excessive exertion or tension, expending only the amount of vitality that is necessary. Friendly and affectionate only when they want to be. Security purring ecstasy, congruent being in spiritual integrity.

Studies show that living with or just observing animals can improve your health, longevity, awareness, serenity, sensitivity and sensibility. Being with a furry companion enhances your relaxation ability and enjoyment facility. To impersonally watch the ever changing flow, to observe circumstances come, change and go without being overly attached, not taking it or yourself so seriously. We can learn from our feline friends to be in each moment, aware in our bodies, alive to our senses. To celebrate every touch, taste, sound, smell and see that we are continually surrounded by beauty. To be sensitive to breathing, movement, posture and our relationship to the earth. Not to get caught in excessive thought and activity. To rest, sleep and regenerate when our bodies tell us to.

To stop, be still, and realize that the game of life is the eternal impermanent play and interplay of form. To be conscious of our catlike nature; nonattached, less dependent, present and independent. To rediscover that we are and have always been light, enlightened, fully free, with the awareness and power to constantly appropriately authentically be.

Rumi says:

we are all
shades and colors
of the incandescent glow
of love’s everlasting
dancing rainbow

*from the The Power of Meow ©2005 Bernard Gunther

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